We understand the requirement in today's world for orders to be turned around quickly to meet ever shrinking deadlines.  But we also understand the requirement for goods to be, not only on time, but correct.  Here at Case & Container we strive to get things right first time and to provide a service that is second to none.

Using our own design and manufacturing facilities via our CAD system and in house production machinery, together with our on site storage and own distribution vehicles, allows us complete flexibility over orders from beginning to end and ensures peace of mind to our customers that we have all eventualities covered.  In addition to this, quality is controlled by adherence to our quality standard, BRC IOP Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 4.

If you are short of space then one of our major functions is to provide a stock and serve facility to enable customers to order in larger quantities.  Case & Container will store and deliver this to you in smaller quantities over a period of time, as required.  We can also provide weekly stock lists of customers' products and highlight re-order levels to assist you in managing your stock requirements.